2 March 2018

Waterfall prioritises inclusive Transport Solutions

Waterfall prioritises inclusive Transport Solutions
With the Mall of Africa, PWC HQ Tower, the Logistics Precinct and more, the Waterfall Development has delivered a highly appealing mixed-use node to the people of Gauteng.  Subsequently, it has become a destination of choice; one that is attracting large numbers of people, from all walks of life, who embrace the opportunity to work, live or just enjoy leisure activities in Waterfall.

The development’s central location between Pretoria and Johannesburg as well as its easy connections to major transport nodes means that Waterfall has also become a catchment zone for high-profile entertainment and lifestyle events. This has been a great boost to the local economy and provided significant employment opportunities for Gauteng residents too.

Transporting our public safely is key
While this is exciting for the area and its businesses and residents, it does bring with it the challenges inherent in increased numbers of visitors and commuters.  One of the most important is ensuring that there are sufficient transportation facilities and infrastructure to support the increase in citizens benefiting from the Waterfall experience.  Attacq, hence recognised the need to prioritise the development of fit-for-purpose transport systems, especially for people using public transport in and around the Waterfall area,

The Waterfall Public Transport Holding Facility, built by Attacq, is located on the east side of the N1 in the development area which forms part of the Waterfall Logistics Hub. The facility is much more than just a safe holding facility; it also consists of offices, a canteen, an ablution and refuse facilities.

Sustainable solutions for efficient build and operations
In line with the ethos of all Attacq-built infrastructure, sustainable features were incorporated into the construction and design.  Even in the build phase, solar was the only source of power used for the project, reducing the power consumption of the site by separating the buildings and orientating them in a courtyard typology.

Features in the completed facility itself include natural ventilation, internal lights fitted with occupancy sensors and external lights with individual battery and PV cells requiring no electricity from the grid. This allowed for sufficient airflow through the space, natural storm water run-off, visual security overlooking the entire site and a private space which functions as a rest and meeting area for drivers. USB ports have also been built into the four planters on the edge of the courtyard for drivers to charge their cell phones whilst waiting to set out on their routes. There is even a dedicated refuse zone for waste recyclers to sort through refuse materials in a secure area.

An acknowledged success
For its adherence to high standards in environmental impact reduction, the Waterfall Public Transport Holding Facility achieved a 5-Star Green Star rating. For the Waterfall Development, serving the needs of public transport providers and commuters in the Waterfall area is a priority and this facility is an important step towards a goal well met.