18 November 2020

New chairman of the GBCSA

Wednesday, 18 November 2020;

Attacq, the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and developers of Africa’s largest mix–use development, Waterfall, is pleased to announce the appointment of its Chief Development Officer, Giles Pendleton, as the new Chairman of the Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA), succeeding IIse Swanepoel.

“I would like to thank IIse for leading the Council over the past year and for the immense contribution she has made throughout her career to the development of sustainable building practices in South Africa. In terms of the road ahead, it is critical that we continue to have a stable and focused Council that is aligned to its core purpose, and supported by a re-engineered board that has strong industry-centric input. I believe this will drive us towards greater market buy-in, partnerships and collaborations,” says Giles Pendleton.

Giles has played a pivotal role in Attacq’s flagship development of Waterfall City, which has been master-planned as a Greenfield development, leveraging global best practices in new urbanism, as well as incorporating smart and sustainable technology. This is grounded in the business’ overall strategy to build inclusive and sustainable assets
that are founded in cutting edge urban design and future-forward environmental stewardship.

Giles has over 23 years’ experience in global commercial property development driving smart and sustainable property developments in Poland, Australia and the UAE. His vast experience includes serving as the Development Director for Omniyat, a premier Dubai developer in the Dubai International Financial Centre. He also served as the Vice President for Property Development and Head of Master Planning for the Dubai International Financial Centre Authority (DIFCA).

The GBCSA is an industry association that promotes the construction of buildings and homes designed, built and operated in an environmentally sustainable way. Its combined influence drives competitive, viable and professional membership advantage.

As the new Chairman, Giles’s primary focus will be on driving a new green economy and pushing for tools allowing for more existing buildings to be assessed and certified. He has prioritised a focus on green funding and green valuations as a catalyst to building the green economy.