15 November 2018

Attacq unveils landmark Africa sculptures

Attacq Limited, (Attacq), the JSE listed property company developing Waterfall City and Waterfall Logistics Hub, unveiled its latest art development, titled “There is no time like the present”, located at Mall of Africa.

The sculptures were unveiled at an exclusive event held at Mall of Africa on 13 November 2018. The sculptures, each reaching a height of 5.5m, represent the two ‘faces’ of Africa. The line sculpture represents an Africa rooted in tradition, the bare bones of a continent that holds us all together. The second sculpture, built from mirror-finish stainless steel plates, allows us to see the wealth of opportunity and the inherent potential that lies within all of us.

“At Attacq, we want our buildings to represent the very best in architectural design. This was an opportunity to partner with an incredibly talented local artist and make a historic landmark in Johannesburg,” said Jackie van Nierkerk, Attacq COO.

The sculpture was created by Rina Stutzer, a full-time artist and creative advisor to the collective art studio and foundry, Dionysus Sculpture Works (DSW) in Pretoria. She has participated in multiple international exhibitions in Australia, France and Great Britain. Stutzer has been honoured for her work with awards that include the Ekurhuleni Fine Arts Award, The Rendezvous Focus Painting award and Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (SASSDA) Art Project award, to name a few.

“With this particular piece I wanted to create a reflective abstracted African continent, which physically acts as a binding force of the collective, showing us the image of a world that looks familiar from one vantage point, yet different from another. The sculpture holds up a mirror to our identity, our potential and our place in the world, “says Stutzer

The vision for Waterfall City has always been to create a world class city that embraces integrated, new urban living to the fullest. With its contemporary new urban framework, Waterfall City has already become a modern landmark, at the forefront of development and lifestyle. Attacq adopts urban design principles for all its developments in Waterfall, with the aim of ensuring that all buildings conform to good sustainability standards.  With the introduction of this striking art piece, Attacq is set to enhance the beauty that already exists in terms of architectural and structural design within Waterfall city.

“There is a growing demand for  local African art and we, as Attacq felt we should lead the charge by investing in this installation and hopefully encourage more companies to help develop homegrown talent and invest in local art,” van Nierkerk added.

The Mall of Africa has become the premier destination for unique shopping and lifestyle experiences and has become an iconic feature of the Pretoria – Johannesburg corridor. Drawing inspiration from geological features that include its Crystal Court which represents South Africa’s mineral wealth with sharp geometric patterns, to the Southern Section of the Mall that depicts the Sahara Dessert of North Africa, Mall of Africa has come to represent what can be achieved in an Africa alive with possibilities.